Demeter Orange Blossom 30ml

  • $29.00

Founders love for Orange, Vitamin C and citrus fresh summer scents.

The Scent
Our version of Orange Blossom is full, lush and exquisite, more like the living flower on a warm summer eve’s, gentle breeze. Extracted from the white flowers of the Orange Tree, and a traditional element used in perfume making, this is one of the most popular flowers in perfumery.

Neroli and Orange Blossom both come from the white blossom of the bitter orange tree, but Orange Bloom is sweeter, warmer and more floral. The different smells, and different names, are the result of different extraction processes - steam distillation for Neroli, and enfleurage for Orange Blossom.

The Inspiration
A classic fragrance note that deserved the Demeter approach.

The Story
I can no longer wait for spring
When I know the perfume of countless pale orange blossoms
Will fill the air
When heaven will hold white billowing clouds
Over the trees and pastures now full of wildflowers...

Size: 30ml