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Collagen Elixer

30 Day Supply

Collagen Elixir - Superfruit flavour - 10 x 50 mL bottles x3
Enhance your natural beauty and illuminate from the inside out with a daily effective dose of Scandinavian marine-sourced collagen peptides. Isagenix Collagen Elixir can give you a boost of collagen which naturally declines as we age and helps nourish your skin from within to keep you radiantly beautiful.






The One-Stop Shop

BeautyIsaGenesis™ - 120 Softgels x 1
Collagen Elixir - Superfruit flavour - 10 x 50 mL bottle x1
A scientifically-advanced formula of complex botanicals and vitamins designed to aid in the reduction of oxidative stress to help support your telomere. The new vegetable soft gel capsule improves absorption for better delivery to cells.

Looking out for the environment is always at the forefront of what we do. Our marine collagen is both ethically and sustainably sourced from the beautifully blue ice waters of the Scandinavian Sea, following strict environmentally friendly practices that help support marine diversity, and is manufactured in a Marine Stewardship Council certified carbon neutral facility. This certification guarantees our product has met a science-based set of standards that care for the ecosystems our wild fish are part of and handled with care throughout the entire supply chain.

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Beauty Bundle

Collagen Bone Broth - Vegetable - Packets x1
Collagen Elixir - Superfruit flavour - 10 x 50 mL bottles x3 (3 Months)
Care for your natural collagen with this all-in-one collagen pack. Three boxes of Collagen Elixir to nourish your skin with freshly and sustainably sourced marine collagen from the Scandinavian Sea and a choice of Vegetable or Chicken & Herb flavoured Collagen Bone Broth to support your skin, hair, nail and joint health.

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